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  • Are you curious to know what group therapy can do for you or your child or teenager?
  • Why would a parent choose group therapy for their child as opposed to, or in conjunction with, individual psychotherapy?
  • Is your child/teen struggling to make friends, or having difficulty in their relationships with peers, friends or family members?
  • Does your child/teen need to gain self-esteem and self-love?
  • Can your child/teen benefit from learning skills to manage his or her emotions and communicate better?
  • Are you a mother who is feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and/or sad and want to feel happy?
  • Are you or your child/teen in need of extra support to deal with the challenges of everyday life?


Group therapy, or therapy groups, provide young people and adults with the realization that they are not alone in their problems and that others experience similar problems.  Children and teenagers often feel alienated from others and experience a great deal of loneliness.  Group therapy provides them the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and cohesiveness, and to connect and bond with others. Participation in group therapy also creates opportunities for interpersonal learning by receiving feedback from each other and experimenting with new ways of relating and communicating. Common themes of groups for children and teens include social skills training, emotional awareness and healthy communication, anger management, teen support groups for girls, and mindfulness training.

Group therapy for adults focuses on self-awareness and relationships. Group work and therapy support groups can help you gain social confidence, master communication skills, increase emotional intelligence and emotional assertiveness. Adults can benefit from group therapy by being able to express themselves better and by feeling the support of not only their therapist, but by their group members.

Parental stress is a universal experience.  When unacknowledged, it can significantly disrupt marriages, friendships, and families.  Parenting groups provide emotional relief and specific strategies for enriching parenting skills and family communication.   Groups cover major issues of parenting such as limit setting, boundaries, attunement, modeling and others.

*Please contact me to get more information on therapy groups that are forming:

  • Teen girls groups
  • Mindful Moms group
  • Social skills group
  • Anger management group