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Therapy Approach

I place an emphasis on the strength of the therapeutic relationship and my first priority is to build the trust necessary for growth. My goal is to create a safe environment that is validating, non-judgmental, and genuine, and at the same time, encourages effective change. I strive to facilitate an experience that helps clients reduce suffering, develop the skills they need, and create a sense of meaning in their lives. I use an integrative psychotherapy approach of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies, while incorporating mindfulness techniques. This combination has proven to be beneficial in helping my clients reach their therapeutic goals.


One of the most important keys to changing life patterns is the enhancement of insight and self-knowledge, the fundamental components of what is called psychodynamic therapy.  Through examining childhood experiences and relationships and understanding the influence of the past on our present behavior, as well as looking at unconscious processes that affect our psyche, we can better understand and accept ourselves and ultimately feel more self-content.


Becoming aware of our thought patterns and understanding how these thoughts affect our emotions and behavior is the hallmark of the systematic method known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT teaches us how to control our negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, rational ones, which in turn leads to improved mood and healthier behaviors.


Learning the practice of mindfulness and implementing its techniques into our daily lives can bring peace of mind and a sense of empowerment. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that teaches us to focus on our thoughts and feelings in the present moment without any judgment and with complete acceptance. This practice can lead to a sense of inner calm and a higher feeling of life fulfillment.


It has been my experience that combining these therapy methods in an integrative approach can help bring about positive change and self-growth. Combining these therapeutic approaches offers the most flexibility in designing a customized treatment plan that can be adapted to each person’s unique set of life circumstances and in working with the whole person.